So, its been a few months since I started this blog with one post and got really busy.  I’ve started nursing school, and its taken over my life in ways I’d never thought possible.  We are in school two days a week, but then spend three days a week in clinical which ends up being more work than class because of the travel time, actions and then paperwork at the end. I moved from upstate NY to CT the day after I graduated and the day before I started school again, which as also been crazy, but its amazing to have an appartment where we have no other roomates and can have our own schedual. Andy finally got a job in a cafe, which has the nice perk of free muffins and coffee, though its not helping either of us as we have both been adding a little insulation on our bodies recently.  I didn’t really expect this post to be an update of my life, but its amazing how much as gone in nine months.  I also now have a niece, which is a big thing and little Magnolia (so not her real name) is getting very big and a real personality of her own.  As for my love of hummus, it is still there but I know have no time to make it AND to add insult to injury I have lost the blade for my food processor.  The store bought kind is making due, but the bill is killing me.  As for my love of blogs, that has only gotten worst, and I’ve updated my fav’s many of whom I’ve been reading from the very begining.  I promise to actually write frequently this time, so see you all soon.


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