So Not Expecting This

Wow, I had three really amazing and different clinical experiences this week and I really want to write about them but its going to take really really long time, so I guess I’ll start with my Tuesday clinical. Normally, I do community nursing which involves riding around in my preceptors little blue mini cooper and visiting old smelly wounded people. But, this week I was able to shadow at a women’s prison for what I thought was OB work, becuase that is what I want to do. I get there and find out the OBGYN isn’t in on this day, so I’m going to work with the nurse practitioner who does the GYN exams, which is fine with me but not what I was mentally prepared for. Apparently, every prisoner who comes gets a pap smear a year, two if they have HIV, a mammogram every year after 50, and can make appointements when they need to. All for free, with my tax money. I have nursing school friends with famalies who are trying to go to school and better themselves and having killed someone or had three DUI’s who can’t afford to even get their birth control perscriptions filled, and these women get the best meds for free. I love our health care system.

Anyway, its very weird being the observer when you have only ever played this game with you and your health care provider. I kept feeling like it was going to be my turn to take my pants off next, which is really the weirdest thing at 7am when you have just been locked into a building with 300 other women. Anyway. It was a really wonderful experience being able to see how this is done from the other side, and let me tell you ladies, the person holding the duck lips can see a lot more than you would ever guess. It really is a strait shot up in there. We ended up seeing about ten patients, who had complaints from “my herpes is acting up” to “I was really high and stuck a cell phone up my cooch and don’t know if it all came out.” It was really hard to keep a straight face for that one. I ended up seeing four different types of lady part problems including some STD’s that I didn’t know existed, and I’m very proud of my self for not judging these people. I actually got really into it at one point when a prisoner found out she had an STD and had only slept with one person for a year and got very very angry. I wanted to jump the guy too, and I was actually a little fearful for his life when she gets out.

So, the moral of my day is: if you need really good health care, end up in prison and our tax dollars will pay for yourtune up.


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