Wow, so I tried to be all cool and just use this short cut to write posts off my toolbar, and it ate three separate posts. And I am angry. I’ve been trying to post everyday, but its hard when I want to kill the very thing that I need to work with. So for now I’m just going to write an update and deal with the real post at a later date.

School is really getting to me at this point, I just need a vacation and though Thanksgiving is coming up, I need to do so much work over the break that I don’t think it counts anymore. It will be nice not to have to drag my butt on to campus, but I don’t really get all that much work done at home where I am a slave to my television. I have one last test today, which I need to do well on, and then I’ve got clinical and lab tomorrow before my vacation officially begins. We’re having Thanksgiving at our house for the first time this year, and I need to do a but load of cleaning so my brother doesn’t think that I’m the slob that I really am. Its not that my house is really dirty right now, its just that I’ve been carrying around a huge amount of clutter from college and I’ve only cleaned about half of it out. I’ve just stuck everything else in our guest room and have shut the door, but I need to have people be able to sleep in this room so cleaning it has suddenly become a priority. So, after writing all of these things to do in my planner I’ve realized that is more a time to catch up on my life as apposed to an actual vacation and that just sucks. We should get to have time for both since we’ve given up so much for this program, but at least I have a month off for Christmas coming up.

In other amazing news, two of my favorite blogs, Dooce and Motherhood is Not for Wimps have announced their pregnant recently and it makes me incredibly excited, which I just realized is weird. Dooce just posted last night, and I actually called Sweet Man at juggling club, and yes I’ll tell you about this later, and had to let him know. Is it weird to get so attached to the people who’s blog you’ve read if you have never met them? I don’t really reach out to these people and write comments, but I feel as though I know them really really well. I think its a weird relationship that we are going to see more off now that blogging has become such and Olympic sport and people start living more on the internet and less in real life.

I’m off to class now though, and I’ll work on re-writing those posts when Med/Surg gets to be too much for me.


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