I thought I would be good and write a few posts during my Thanksgiving break, but alas, I was too excited by all the doing nothing to do something. I had a great birthday, which included some lovely presents and 22 happy birthdays on facebook, which I found very fitting. We also had an amazing Thanksgiving which was the first that I have made dishes for on my own and hosted. My mom and I made pearl onions in cream sauce, turkey, plain stuffing with celery, my Mom’s amazing sausage, walnut and apply stuffing, crescent rolls, asparagus, carrots in a maple glaze and my sister-in-law’s fabulous twice baked potatoes. But, the highlight of our meal was so good that we didn’t even get a picture in. From Sarah’s Cucina Bella comes this amazing butternut squash with bacon recipe, and it couldn’t be easier to make. I simply took a medium sized squash and peeled it down with my handy dandy peeler. I cut it in half and scooped out all the seeds and then diced the whole thing up. I boiled the squash in some salted water until it was soft, and then put it in my stand mixer and mixed with the paddle until it was smooth. While it pureed, I added about eight slices of bacon to the pan that I had cut into smallish short pieces which I then cooked until crispy. I added the squash back into the pan, and scrapped the yummy bits off the bottom and into the squash. If you don’t like bacon, you won’t like this dish becuase the amazing piece of it is that every bite is incredibly bacon-y.

On another note I was able to see my bro, s-i-l and niece this vacation, as well as their wonderful golden lab. Newton was not very impressed by this canine visit, but Magnolia is getting incredibly cute and chubby. I’m going into the city to babysit over my Christmas break which will be amazing.  I have another recipe to post soon, but I need to make up some kind of measurements because obviously I don’t use any and probably won’t in the end because they’re stupid. Its the most amazing Turkey chowder that I make whenever we have left over turkey and usually double so we have a ton stored up in the freezer. I know I’ll be too late for Thanksgiving turkey recipes, but you can make a turkey all year long so save it for next time!


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