Almost there

So without actual classes to be bored in, its hard to find time to post recently.  I have only two exams standing between me and five weeks of vacation, which is the most amazing thing I have ever heard of.  I only realized the other day why this vacation is so much longer than any I’ve had before: no study days.  Normally in college students are given a week of study (okay maybe we call them party) days after classes finish and before exams start so they can actually prepare for taking these huge tests (or drink a lot to deal with the stress of knowing we are going to have to live a home for a month).  Not at my school! Instead they give us 10 days of Thanksgiving break and extra time at Christmas, which is nice, but its hard to find time to get those last minute papers done(aka serious boozing done). I just finished a four page single spaced paper today about what I learned during theory this year (nothing) which was a wonderful lesson in how to create teacher-specific-bullshit.  I also had to take a pediatric exam final that didn’t count, which of course I didn’t study for at all.  What kind of teacher thinks I’m going to study for an exam that doesn’t count which is taking place the day before a cumulative final for another class that does count? Really.  If it was after all the other exams there would be a shot, but I did fine anyway I just wanted to rant a bit.

So, only another two days before this hell is over and I’m going to sleep for a week straight (not really but I wish).  Sweet Man and I are going to go out with the traveling nurse I shadowed this semester (I’ll have to think of a name for her) and her husband who we love Wednesday night to celebrate being done.  We’re also volunteering for apheresis for the first time on Thursday morning which should be interesting and I’ll inform all of you how it goes!


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