Final Solution

I’m brilliant. I’ve come up with a solution to my problem which should make me less crazy, until I graduate and get freaked out about moving and my boards. I made a deal with Sweet Man regarding the symbol of our marriage to come: the ring. I’ve previously said that I don’t want a diamond ring becuase of the prevalence of conflict diamonds on the market today, and the fact that I don’t need to support a war in another country or own something that cost a child an arm. So, Sweet Man and I talked about getting a precious stone ring, or something simple, maybe a pearl. But, I think part of this was that I know that we don’t have the money for an expensive ring, and I didn’t want to have to put off our engagement waiting for ring money. Realizing now that now that we are going to wait to get engaged, I realized that I do want a nice ring, though a conflict free one. So our deal is that the longer he waits to propose, the nicer my ring has to be. If he proposes tomorrow than its going to be with a piece of copper wire, and absolutly nothing would make me happier.  If he waits six months than he will pick out  a nice precious stone. If he waits a year than it needs to be a diamond, and if its more than two years I would hope the setting would be platinum. I actually whipped out a pic of the hope diamond and said that after three more years of dating I would expect him to steal it for me. It’s not that I really want a nice ring, I think that people put way too much emphasis on them these days and I really don’t like to be marketed too, but I think it’s actually a really good idea for us. I will be excited to wait longer to see what he picks out, and he’ll be happy with my not pushing. I know its a really weird idea, and very not normal, but I think it will help us be happy again. Which I really miss.


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