Twas the night before Christmas…

… and all through the house my mom and I were having a screaming match and Sweet Man left to go see his parents.  Wow, my holidays are not getting easier! The problem du jour is this notice from my school that I received a week ago, and my mother.  As part of my program guidelines, one needs to have a 3.0 GPA or above and a C or above in every final grade.  The C part is very doable, because you can have one bad class and simply receive an A in another class and come out alright.  This is what I was planning on doing, but I ended up with a stupid A- by a butt-hole teacher who I won’t even start about here, and so I didn’t balance out. My GPA dropped to a 2.96, and I received a notice.  Now, for anyone who doesn’t know, a 3.0 is a solid B average, which wouldn’t be that hard in the real world, but is really hard to achieve in a one year accelerated nursing school if you were a history major until the day before you started.  The types of tests they dole out are very different, and most people ended up with one of these notes this summer.  Just last year they raised the GPA requirement, and also decided to give people a semester to increase their GPA, and everyone was able to do so this summer.  I’m very upset by the letter, obviously, becuase it took me until the end of the semester to figure out that instead of studying the disease, I needed to study the nursing care and I started to pull up my grades.  I worked really hard and it hurts that it didn’t pay off, but I already know what I need to do to fix the grades.  Now, my address for my school is still my mother’s house, becuase I didn’t have my apartment  when I applied and I couldn’t figure out how to change it. As part of the email notice I got, it said they were going to send a certified letter to my house, which I think is just overkill, but I was ready for the mail man.  I forgot, until she called to say she had a note from her mail man, that it would go to my Mom’s, and I just didn’t need to explain this to her.  She would make a huge deal out of this, yelling and getting upset and I already know what I need to do and feel awful enough, I just didn’t need the extra Mom thing.  I’m 22! So I called her and said it was a note about graduation( which it was), and I had received it by email and if SHE really needed to be the one to go get it from the post office (which she apparently HAD to be) just throw it out.  Did she? NO and she calls in the middle of grocery shopping to tell me about it and to start in on me.  I know she has that right as a mother, but I’m really frustrated that she opened a letter addressed to me even though I asked her not to.  She does this all the time: bank statements, letters, grades, anything she can get her hands on.  I would just like her to trust that I will tell her anything that I feels she needs to know in due time.  I would have told her about the notice, after the holidays and on my terms, not in the middle of the grocery store.  How do I talk to her about this? I actually hung up on her tonight I got  so angry and out of control, tonight and I know that she will call my brother and have a talk about me.  Any suggestion people?


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