Happy New Year!

I got my first comment! Sweet Man wasn’t as excited about it as I am, but it’s none the less there, which meant that someone had to read by blog, WHICH IS VERY EXCITING. Life around here has been both busy and boring for the past week, which is why I haven’t posted. One of the bloggers I read wrote a book called “No one cares what you had for lunch” so I’ve really tried to always keep that in mind, and after discounting writing about all of my meals there wasn’t anything left. I had a quiet Christmas at the house of one of my mom’s friends, while Sweet Man went up to NH to be with his family. It was hard to have him gone for a week when I had nothing to do and no one around, but thankfully the cat kept me sane. I actually made out like a bandit with gifts this year which was surprising becuase I asked for nothing accept for a coffee grinder. My kitchen is now very full and I’m getting nervous about having to move all of this stuff.

In more exciting news the daughter of my mom’s friend, lets call her Elyse had her baby boy on the 29th which was very exciting. They told her he was going to be big, and actually scheduled a C-section for him but she ended up doing it all on her own! He was 9 pounds 12 ounces, and a few hours after birth the doctor realized that he had a testicular torsion, which means that the blood supply to one of his testicles got twisted around cutting off the flow. They raced him up to a children’s hospital to do surgery the next morning, but they were unable to save it. Poor kid was only five hours old and is already a One Balled Wonder. Sweet Man was not very interested in this child who’s parents he’s never met, but when I told him about the ball injury he suddenly became very interested and made lots of cringing noises. Many junk jokes have ensued trying to keep the families spirits light, like how he’s now aerodynamic like Lance Armstrong.

Since my first comment is here now, I feel like I can actually have a conversation with the internet, and I should address what my commenter talked about. Sweet Man and I have had many long hardcore talks, and have actually found a happy place to live in. I appreciated the comment, and while it would be really nice to live with someone really excited about the prospect of having children, but I’ve realized that’s not important right now. As soon as we stop harping on the subject twenty four seven, we become a very happy couple, and he gets really into the idea of marriage. I’m thinking of asking him to post about his feelings on the topic soon, but for right now we are actually very happy together.


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