A Christmas Rant

Since I’ve been on vacation I’ve been watching an extraordinarily large amount of television, which has been AMAZING, but between that and my excessive radio listening while traveling to clinicals, I have come to realized that Christmas is getting out of control! Two weeks before Thanksgiving, we needed to buy some things at the craft store, and entered the building to find Christmasland, a full frontal assault of lights, fake snow, and bows galore.  I mean it kind of hurt my eyes to look forward and we ran out of the store as soon as possible. The day before Thanksgiving the Christmas music started on the radio, and not just a little bit, IT TOOK OVER! One of my favorite oldie stations was completely taken over for a whole month, and though I understand that Thanksgiving on is fair game, this was a little out of control.  Then, the ads started, every company who runs commercials on TV MUST make their ads Christmas themed OR THEY WILL DIE! I found it especially hard because I decided to watch all the back episodes of Momversations during this holiday season, and even though I love them, a target ad before every single episode featuring the slogan “There’s no place like target at Christmas to save” which has to be the catchiest/evilest slogan on the planet made me want to kill someone. I had a hard time making it through the month, but somehow I got through without needing to be institutionalized. I just kept saying “if I can make it past December 25th I will be Christmas-free for eleven months” while sitting on my bathroom floor rocking back and forth.  And I did, only they haven’t stopped.  The day after, I was so excited to get back to normal radio songs only to hear that they were going to wean me off it, which meant MORE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS MUSIC. So, I lived off CD’s through New Years thinking that it would be over soon, but they are STILL playing Christmas advertisements on TV! The holiday buying season is over, so those ads trying to get parents to buy little Timmy a shiny new toy aren’t going to work.  SANTA ALREADY SHOWED UP. I understand that we’re in a recession, so people aren’t going to be buying as much and stores need to increase their sales somehow, but bombarding me isn’t the answer.  Nothing makes me want to do something less than when I am nagged, and thats what is happening.  This Christmas on steroids must end, or the holiday season is gong to start before fall does! (and PS, what ever happened to Hanukkah??)


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