Breaking My Cardinal Rule

I know, I know, but I’ve had 15 visitors to this site today and I haven’t had anything to post about for a week becuase I’M ON VACATION and it’s a big day if my ass gets out of bed before noon.  I’ve gone to see the  new baby a few times and resumed painting little army men with Sweet Man, but other than getting my oil changed, my life is nothing to blog about. So, in honor of Unofficial National Weight Loss Month aka the month after New Years, I’m going to put in my dieting two cents. I used to be really thin, like one of those kids that weighed under 100 pounds until they were in high school, and then the hormones hit and I swelled.  Dance used to be a part time job for me, so I could always eat what I want and never have a problem, but when I stopped dancing in college, my ass was re-zoned as its own zip code.  And of course I realized this and should have taken care of it, but I enjoy eating. I come from a family of foodies, not that I’m making excuses, but I realized that in order to be a size 4 I would need to eat a lot less, and nothing fun. So, I hung out in size 18 area for a while, also known as the senior year filled with copious abouts of beer, until this summer when I decided that nursing school should mean a huge change in my life involving some weight loss.  So I did, and I was down to a 12 and really proud of my self… until I went back to my old eating ways.  I was always able to fit in my (slightly stretched) size 12 jeans, but their was a period where they looked more like sausage casings than pants and I stuck to the bigger sizes.  But, recently I’ve realized that I need to eat healthier, mainly for the benefit of my hair which I am trying to grow out (good reason right?), and I’ve put Sweet Man and myself on the path to healthier eating.  So, are you ready for by big tip? (It’s really going to be good…) Make it colorful.  That is what we are doing.  Making our food pretty to look at! Healthy foods are pretty colors, so by making a virtual rainbow on our plates we are loosing weight,and I have to say it’s kind of fun.  Have you seen that new KFC commercial? The one about ditching the bag and eat the box? Well, next time you see it notice the color of all the food on that box, its beige.  A huge beige box.  We don’t eat that much beige anymore, we enjoy purple (my favorite color and actually not found in that my foods which makes me sad) and green and even Sweet Man says that he feels better physically.  So, there you have it, Whitney’s Wondrous Weight Loss System: The Color Diet. Go enjoy it and I’ll be back when my life gets interesting.


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