What Am I?

I started this whole blog project as a way to get some of my thoughts  and feelings down, and mainly because I love to read blogs.  Sweet Man is often amazed when I sit down and count the number of blogs that I check in rapid succession on a daily basis, which is up to around 50 at the moment. I like to read Mommy Blogs, Food Blogs, Medical Blogs, and that random category I call Interesting Blogs which is made up of Post Secret, Look At This and all their friends.  Theses people usually have their own .com sites, (which I do not, because I don’t know how to code!) are professional writers, and actual make money off these projects.  I stuck with my wordpress blog, and am trying to figure out what kind of blogger I will be, what message am I trying to get across.  I’m not a mother, so that is out of the question, and while I enjoy adding recipes, I don’t think I make up enough recipes to post, and who wants a blog full of recipes from everyone else? I enjoy the tidbits from the medical group, but I’m only in clinical twice a week and therefore the amount of material I would be able to collect isn’t that large. So, I’ve decided that I should break the mold and blog about my medical career, being in school, some food, and general life things.  I’m hoping that it gives me a broader audience, and speaking of, that is another issue I’m dealing with.

Who am I writing to? I created this writing to the Internet, the random masses who don’t know me but might find what I say worth reading  It’s actually easier for me this way because I can open up more and don’t need to keep things a secret, and then I made a link from my facebook page… don’t ask why.   Now people I know can read my blog and I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not.  I’ve been trying to get Sweet Man to guest blog about his half of our relationship, but he is refusing becuase it’s not something that he feels comfortable sharing with people we know.  Get that? He’s okay telling the internet, but not our friends. So where is my line? What will I talk about and what won’t I knowing I’m not really anonomous to some. I think I’m going to have to figure this out as I go.

There is actually one more stupid issue that I’m trying to think about.  Language. Specifically: Dirty Language.  Some of my favorite writers Dooce and Motherhood Uncensored have really foul mouths, which I love.  They talk about balls, and poop and seem to have no problem sharing that with the Internet.  Me, I feel like I’m doing something wrong when I swear here.  Somehow it’s different from real life because it’s written down and I can’t pretend you didn’t read it. But, I think that without the language and subject matter, the blog won’t be as interesting or funny, which is a little bit of the point.  So, and this point I’m asking for help. What are you interested in reading about? How do you feel about swear/dirty topics? What kind of tone do you take in your own blog?


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