At Least I’m Still on Break

For some unknown reason this week, my computer decided to eat all of the passwords it normally fills in for me on a daily basis, and I realized that I am completely screwed.  This major disaster opened my eyes to realization of how many passwords and combination of passwords that I use on various sites, and how easy it is to get locked out of site when you’ve tried every letter and number combination under the sun in an attempt to gain access to your bank account. I used to have a password on everything, and easy six digit number that I wasn’t going to forget anytime soon.  But then I ran into the problem of needing more digits for specific websites, so for those sites I decided to simply add my name to the number.  Then I realized that I should probably have a harder password that has nothing to do with my life so hackers actually have to work to gain access to my life, so I made a six digit letter/number password that I think is decently good.  Life was working out well for me, until this incident occurred and now I’m playing guessing games.  I never updated all my passwords to the same thing, mainly becuase I think I’m being all sneaky and will make the hacker have to work for each website. So now I’m trying to figure out what password goes where becuase I never made up a master list, which might of been the smart thing to do.  But, then if my computer got stolen or someone broke into my house then they would have everything and what is the damn point of a password them.  What I have been doing is resetting every password,which is such a joy bwt, but then you end up with $^#(&%jDIp* as a password and you can’t find the link to change it to something normal on the website, and who needs to deal with that? And, if I am changing all my passwords now, should I make them all the same thing? Something long and complicated, but the only password I’ll need to remember, or am I doing it right by rotating three passwords around? Does adding a hyphen to my password really make it harder to crack, or does it just slow the guys breaking into my life by 2 minutes? I’m looking for some advice from someone who knows more than me… any takers?


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