Still Waiting for Life to Get Easy

It is four weeks into the semester, and  I am still not finding my life any easier. Normally, it takes a few weeks to get the routine down, figure out when you are going to get work done every week and get used to get up at ungodly hours. I have yet to hit this point, and I’m still over tired, finding it harm to get all my work done and any life extras have been ignored. The house is cluttered, I haven’t returned emails I received weeks ago, and I’m sorry to say that my blog has been the hardest hit. I ended up with a good response to my last posting about birth tips, so I at least feel like some people enjoyed my filler content, but I do want to get back into the swing of things. I just started back up with my clinicals, and I think that will fuel the fires here. In the mean time, I made a startling discovery the other day which has created some major changes in Casa de Hummus. Did you know that you need to book your wedding venue two years before your date! I started playing around online, and found the place that I want to get married in. It is historical, absolutely gorgeous, we could hold the ceremony and reception in the same site and the place means a lot to both Sweet Man and I. So, I emailed asking about dates, only to find that they have like 4 Saturdays available in the whole year of 2010! What to people do who have 6 month engagements, book before the proposal? I feel like that would be bad luck, just asking for either the woman to say no, or your man not to propose. My brother booked their church before he proposed because he knew my sister-in-law wanted to get married in the same church as her sister, but wouldn’t you feel like you missed out if you, the bride, did not get to pick your wedding date? I think that we are definitely going to have to pick a site and date before our engagement because we did want a shorter engagement, but it feels like buying a house before the wedding: way too damn scary for my liking.

In other news, Sweet Man and I are looking into buying bedroom furniture, which we desperately need, and are having a really hard time of it. We currently sleep on a a free mattress and box spring on metal frame with wheels, which has been working out okay for us. We have a mismatch of furniture for dressers, end tables and TV stand which doesn’t look pretty but serve their purpose. While re-arraigning the furniture in our room the other day so that I too could have an outlet by my side, one of the legs fell off our frame, and we pro ceded to hold it up with my Pediatric, Maternity and Physical Assessment books, I know: classy. I’ve been dying for a headboard for a long time (our wall had been colored blue by the dye in our pillows), and so the active search has begun. We went to Ethan Allen because I have really expensive taste, and found out that all of the furniture we need and like would cost around $7,000, which is way to much even for me. My mother came over for dinner the other night, and she suggested we look at Bassett furniture, and even pulled up the website and picked out a collection that she thought was similar to the Ethan Allen set we liked. There was one near our grocery store, so we checked it out this weekend and discovered that it was all on sale for 30% off, which adds up in furniture! I loved it, and called her to let her know we were picking up a bed and two end tables for $2,000 including taxes and delivery and how excited we were. She, in her usually form, was not happy but instead immediately became negative about the experience. She wanted to see it, and then she wanted us to go look at this cheap store, then she said we should buy one on Craigslist until we move, then it was too high quality and then it was too low quality. My brother is very supportive of this, saying if you are going to buy your first furniture and good bedroom set is worth its weight in gold, the big family bed that you will move from house to house and sets a wonderful tone for the rest of your life. The sale ended the next day,and I was brought to tears by her cruelty in the car afterwards but it really made me realize that my brother was not so wrong to ignore her for all these years. I always thought he was cruel as a child, not coming to visit us and not calling her on a regular basis, but I now realize that it is all or nothing with her: either she calls five times a day or not at all. She doesn’t do the once a week talk or the Sunday night dinner, she either must own your ass or you have to cut her off. After this experience I think we are definitely going to cut remove her from lives even though I love her and she is my mother. I have been so turned off to the bedroom discussion that even though we really need it, we are going to wait until we move in May to buy anything. C’est la vie!


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