I have the worst luck

It really is amazing to me how bad my luck is, if something bad can go wrong for me, it usually does. I had clinical yesterday at one of the New Haven hospitals, and it went wonderfully. I had an interesting patient, I got to sit through a few groups and I got a lot of homework done. We got out half an hour early, and the van out to the parking lot was right at the door. I got in my car, turned on the ipod, and went to pull out. While I was backing out of the parking spot I thought to myself “wow, it’s really hard to turn the wheel, how strange.” I drove out to the exit, turned onto the road only to have someone honk at me. All I thought was “how rude, I didn’t cut anyone off!” Then, someone finally pulls up next to me, rolls down her window and points at the front of my car. Oh Shit runs through my mind, and I turned off the ipod and roll down my window only to realize that my tire is flat. The front passenger side wheel was completely and utterly dead, which is so my life. My car is only six months old with 6,000 miles on it, but I own it so I have been waiting for something to happen.
I pull into Pfizer’s parking lot one block down and luckily my two friends were driving right behind me, saw me pull in and followed me. We had just been talking about how I don’t know how to change a tire that very morning, and I was all ready to call AAA when my confident, gorgeous, lives in the center of Hartford friend Kehtana says that the three of us females could handle it all on our own. My other friend Rebecca just had her tire die in her driveway the other morning had some expression, but we definitely stood back. We got five of the bolts off and set up the jack but couldn’t get the “special” bolt off and were looking through the flat tire kit for the stupid lock. I had no idea where this thing was, but was willing to sit there for an hour looking for it. Kehtana however has no fear and yells to this truck with an open window stuck in traffic right in front of us “where do we find the lock thing for the wheel in the car?” And he laughed at us and yelled right back “check the glove compartment!” and sure enough it was taped onto the drop down piece of my glove box. In the end a few workmen came out of Pfizer and did the heaving, dirty lifting for us which was nice because we were in our nice clinical clothes. The donut was put on and I drove to the dealership because stupid me though that there would be a warranty on my 6 month old tires.
NOT. Because it had a HUGE nail in it courtesy of the construction site next door to the parking lot, it was my fault that it died and try as they might they couldn’t plug the hole. The nail went in head first and every time they thought they had plugged it, it didn’t hold. Seriously, this shit only happens to me. I had to buy a new tire, and thankfully my tires weren’t worn enough that I had to replace the other front wheel too. An excellent $162 whoops that I now have four babysitting jobs this week to pay for. Hopefully, this is my only problem this week and Sweet Man will make it home safe and sound tonight. Also, congrats to my two friends and Cool Mom who all had sweet baby boy’s Sunday!


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